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Post Office

The main financial services offered by the Department of Posts are the Post Office Savings Bank. It is the largest and oldest banking service institution in the country. The Department of Posts operates the Post Office Savings Scheme function on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. Under this scheme, more than 20.50 crores savings account are operated. These accounts are operated through more than 1,54,000 post offices across the country

Indian Post offers several Savings Schemes which are:
  • backed by the Government of India

  • safe, secure and risk-free investment options

  • not deducting any Tax at Source ( NO TDS)

  • providing nomination facility

  • transferable to any Post Office anywhere in India

  • offering attractive rates of interest.

Salient Features
  • Interest rate of 8.20% per annum payable monthly.

  • 5% bonus also payable on maturity (for accounts opened before 1st December 2011), for accounts opened after 1st December 2011 no bonus payable on maturity.

  • Maturity period is 5 years.

  • Minimum investment amount is Rs.1500/- or in multiple thereof.

  • Maximum amount is Rs. 4.50 lakhs in a single account and Rs.9 lakhs in a joint account.

  • Premature encashment facility after one year.

  • No TDS.

  • Account can be opened by an individual, two/three adults jointly, and a minor through a guardian.

  • A minor having attained 10 years of age can open an account in his/her own name directly.

  • Non-Resident Indian / HUF cannot open an Account. Minors have a separate limit of investment of Rs. 3 lakhs and the same is not clubbed with the limit of guardian.

  • A separate account is opened for each deposit.

  • Any number of accounts can be opened subject to the maximum prescribed limit.

  • Facility of automatic credit of monthly interest to saving account if accounts are at the same post office.

  • Facility of premature closure of account after 1 year to 3 years @ 2.00% discount.

  • Deduction of 1% if account is closed prematurely at any time after three years.

  • Facility of reinvestment on maturity of an account.

  • Interest not withdrawn does not carry any interest.

  • Maturity proceeds not drawn are eligible to earn savings account interest rate for a maximum period of two years.

  • Account is transferable to any Post Office in India, free of cost.

  • Nomination facility is available.

  • Rebate under section 80 C is not admissible.

  • Most suitable scheme for senior citizens and for those who need regular monthly income.

  • Deposits are exempt from Wealth Tax.
Salient Features

  • Rs. 1000/- grows to Rs. 1509/- in five years.

  • Minimum investment Rs. 500/-

  • Maximum no limit.

  • Certificates can be pledged as security against a loan to banks/ financial Institutions.

  • A Tax saving investment under Sec 80C

  • Individual or minor can apply

  • Rate of interest 8.40%p.a. compounded half yearly

  • Two adults, individuals, and minor through guardian can purchase.

  • Companies, Trusts, Societies or any other Institutions are not eligible to purchase.

  • Non-resident Indian/HUF cannot purchase.

  • No premature encashment.

  • Annual interest earned is deemed to be reinvested and qualifies for tax rebate for the first 5 years under section 80 C of the Income Tax Act.

  • Maturity proceeds not drawn are eligible to Post Office Savings Account interest for a maximum period of two years.

  • Facility of reinvestment on maturity.

  • Facility of encashment of certificates through banks.

  • Certificates are encashable at any Post Office in India before maturity by way of transfer to desired Post Office.

  • Certificates are transferable to any Post office in India.

  • Certificates are transferable from one person to another person before maturity.

  • Duplicate certificate can be issued for in case the orginal one gets lost, stolen, destroyed, mutilated or defaced certificate.

  • Nomination facility is available.

  • Facility of purchase/payment to the holder of Power of Attorney.

  • Tax Saving instrument - Rebate admissible under section 80 C of the Income Tax Act.

  • Deposits are exempt from Wealth Tax.

  • New type of NSCs with a maturity of 10 years bearing a rate of interest of 8.70% would also be issued.

  • This reduction in the term from 6 to 5 years means you would have your money locked in for lesser time. If you want to stay invested for longer, you can invest in the 10 year NSCs.
Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) is a saving instrument that provides interest income similar to bonds. Amount invested in Kisan Vikas Patra doubles on maturity after 8 years & 7 months. Some people have a misconception that only a farmer can invest money in Kisan Vikas Patra. However, it is absolutely false. Anyone wishing to invest money at safe places can go for Kisan Vikas Patra.

How to Invest

One can invest in any head post office / sub-post office in cash, demand draft, or local cheques. You just have to walk into a post office, and meet a clerk looking after KVP issues. He will give you a form. You just have to fill the form and submit it with the desired amount. A KVP would be issued to you. However, be mindful of taking a few of photographs of yours with you. You would need them to put on the form.

  • Facility of reinvestment on maturity.

  • Maturity proceeds which are not drawn are eligible for Post office Savings account interest for a maximum period of two years.
Salient Features
  • KVPs can be pledged as security against a loan to Banks/Govt. Institutions.

  • KVPs are transferable to any Post office in India.

  • KVPs can be transferable from one person to another person before maturity.

  • Nomination Facility is available in case of KVPs

  • Duplicate can be issued for lost, stolen, destroyed, mutilated and defaced KVPs
Salient Features
  • Minimum amount of deposit is Rs.200/-.

  • No maximum limit.

  • Account can be closed after 6 months but before one year without any interestp.

  • Facility of redeposit on maturity of an account.

  • No interest is payable on undrawn interest amount.

  • Account can be opened by an individual, two adults jointly and minor through guardian.

  • A Minor who has attained the age of 10 years can open the account in his/her own name to be operated directly.

  • Non Resident Indian / HUF cannot open the account.

  • Any number of accounts can be opened.

  • Two, three and Five years accounts can be closed after one year at a discounted rate of interest.

  • Deposits not drawn on maturity are eligible to saving account interest rate for a maximum period of two years.

  • Account can be pledged as security against a loan to banks/ Government institutions.

  • Accounts are transferable from one Post office to any Post office in India.

  • Rebate under section 80-C is not admissible.

  • Interest income is taxable.

  • Deposits are exempt from wealth tax.

  • No T.D.S.

  • Nomination facility available.
Salient Features
  • 9% interest per annum payable quarterly.

  • Minimum Deposit: Rs 1000 and multiples thereof.

  • Maximum Limit : 15 Lakhs.

  • The scheme is for 5 years and can be extended for a further period of 3 years.

  • Premature closure facility is available after 1 year with nominal penelaty.

  • Risk free investment.

  • Individual aged of 60 years and above can invest.

  • Retiring employees aged 55 years and above can invest under scheme.

  • A tax saving instrument

  • Joint account can be opened with spouse.

  • Best Return

  • Very Safe investment - A central govt scheme
---Silient Features----
  • The rate of interest is 8.60% p.a. compounded annually.

  • The minimum deposit is 500/- p.a

  • The maximum is Rs. 1,00,000/- p.a

  • Interest is totally tax free.

  • Tax saving instrument under section 80C.

  • Loan facility available from third year.

  • The Public Provident Fund Scheme is a statutory scheme of the Central Government of India.

  • The Scheme is for 15 years.

  • One deposit with a minimum amount of Rs.500/- is mandatory in each financial year.

  • The deposit can be in lumpsum or in convenient installments, not more than 12 installments in a year or two installments in a month, subject to total deposit of Rs.1,00,000/-.

  • It is not necessary to make a deposit in every month of the year.

  • The amount of deposit can be varied to suit the convenience of the account holders.

  • The account in which deposits are not made for any reason is treated as discontinued, account and such an account cannot be closed before maturity.

  • The discontinued account can be activated by payment of the minimum deposit of Rs.500/- with default fee of Rs.50/- for each defaulted year.

  • The account can be opened by an individual or a minor through the guardian.

  • Joint account is not permissible.

  • Those who are contributing to GPF Fund or EDF account can also open a PPF account.

  • A Power of Attorney holder can neither open nor operate a PPF account.

  • The grand father/mother cannot open a PPF on behalf of his/her minor grand son/daughter.

  • The deposits shall be in multiples of Rs.5/- subject to minimum of Rs.500/-.

  • The deposit in a minor account is clubbed with the deposit of the account of the guardian for the limit of Rs. 1,00,000/-.

  • No age is prescribed for opening a PPF account.

  • Interest is not contractual but the rate is notified by the Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, at the end of each year.

  • The facility of first withdrawal in the 7th year of the account subject, to a limit of 50% of the amount at credit preceding three year balance.
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